1999-2004 C5-R Chevrolet Corvette: Le Mans and Daytona

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The manufacturing company, Pratt and Miller, partnered with General Motors in 1999, bringing about the C5-R Chevrolet Corvette. This Chevy Vette was essentially a C5 with a bigger engine based on the 5700-cc V-8 (the racing versions had 6000 cc’s, eventually increased to 7000 cc’s), a more stream-lined body, wider track, and longer wheelbase. The new bodywork also included a rear wing and exposed headlights.

The C5-R has had a successful racing career. The car scored its first
victory at Le Mans in 2000. It had eight number one finishes in 10
races in 2001, including a win at the 24 Hours of Daytona, and a first
and second place finish at Le Mans. In 2002, the Corvette C5-R again
scored a one/two finish at Le Mans, and ruled at the American Le Mans
as well. Also in 2002, designers replaced the separate differential and
transmission with an innovative transaxle. In 2003, the C5-R won at the
12 Hours of Sebring sporting a patriotic red, white and blue paint
developed for the 50th Anniversary of the Corvette. In 2004, C5-Rs
finished first and second at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

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