2,000-Horsepower Corvette Z06 is Sheer Madness

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It takes a certain amount of bravery to drive this C6 Corvette Z06. 2,000 horsepower lies under the hood, probably more. But that’s not the only reason why it’s more than a little mad. What’s truly crazy is driving this thing in a 1/4 mile race with no wheelie bar.

I’ll go ahead and spoil one part of the drag race video below: the trap speeds are in excess of 200 mph. That almost necessitates a ‘chute… or massive brakes… or cojones of comparable volume.


Corvette Forum member, Atomic Fusion, otherwise known as Mark Carlyle of Carlyle Racing, is known for getting the first LSX drag radial car into the 6s, and this re-visit to World Cup finals in Maryland lands him a slew of impressive runs, as seen in the video. Not too shabby when you can make an 8-second car look slow.

It’s time to give this guy a little respect. It’s most certainly due.

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Photos [Carlyle Racing]

Video [That Racing Channel]

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