2002 Corvette Z06 Tackles Dirt in RallyCross

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Z06 Rally

Here’s a classic example of the old saying, “to each his own.” Although it seems odd to even be saying that about Corvettes, given the passion for the cars, which is shared by most everyone here at Corvette Forum.

Then again, I just have a hard time grasping why anyone would want to subject a Z06 to the kind of beating this 2002 model seems to be taking. But that’s what you get on an SCCA RallyCross, where the dirtier the track, the better.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly entertained by the video clip below, posted by the Corvette’s owner, Matt Einarsson. Watching the Z06 whip around cones on the off-road rally course is pretty darn cool. And the driver of the Corvette seems to pull off a rather impressive run.

Still, I personally think a car like a classic C5 Corvette Z06 is more suited for turning corners and blowing down straightaways on an on-road course rather than mucking around on a track full of gravel and dirt.

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via [Matt Einarsson]

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