2004 Commemorative Edition Le Mans Corvette is a Beauty

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There’s nothing like a C5 Corvette that’s been kept in mint condition. You needn’t look any further than this 2004 Commemorative Edition Le Mans Blue Coupe as evidence. And lucky you, it’s for sale.

The car, posted here on Corvette Forum by member rkrupka, only has 33k miles and is about as clean as they come for a C5. In fact, if you don’t know much about Corvettes, you probably would never even guess the car is roughly ten years old.

According to the post, this beauty also has all the commemorative options, like shale leather interior seats, as well as just about every other option including HUD, magnetic ride, both tops, memory seats, and TT wheels. Other items, added within the last 10K miles as part of preventative maintenance, include Pilot sport tires, brakes, battery, plugs, wires, and belts.

Rkrupka says the car is all original, “except for a few exterior and interior bulbs,” which makes this one hard to pass up for $24,000.

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