2005 Corvette Review — Exterior Accessories and Options

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A wide variety of options and accessories are now available to
improve the looks and performance of your 2005 Corvette. Let’s start
from the ground and go up.

You have a variety of wheels to boost the beauty of your Corvette.
These include chrome wheels, of which there are a stunning array of
styles from rivets to spokes; replica wheels, in case your ?Vette’s
originals are bent or pitted; and the new hyper silver wheels which
shine during the day but blow you away at night.

Moving on to the engine, you might choose to install a cold air
intake. Colder air coming into the engine means improved performance. A
cold air intake can increase horsepower by up to 15 hp; other plusses
include more torque and better fuel economy. There are many versions
from which to select, including AFE, BBK and Airaid brands.

Additional engine accessories include underhood covers, which cover
important engine components. These come in fiber, fiberglass and
stainless steel versions. You should also think about adding aluminum
valve covers?a big name for these is Moroso. And how about fuel rail
inserts–they?ll automatically give your Corvette a racing appearance.

How about an updated exhaust? You can renew the whole system, the
X-pipe section, or go for a cat-back upgrade. Each of these can improve
performance, sound, and power. Choose from name brands like SLP and
Magnaflow. You can also add extras like chrome exhaust tips and exhaust
port filler panels. Either or both will give your 2005 Corvette a
sharper look.

Body parts? You can add a rear spoiler, front chin spoiler, and a
lower rear valance to set your 2005 apart from others. More accessories
include a third brake light and carbon fiber door grips.

A suspension upgrade will allow you to adjust your suspension for
driving requirements and comfort. Eibach and Callaway joined forces to
produce one of the best. You might also want to think about a lowering
kit?for fun and unique looks.

We can’t forget the little things that make driving and owning your
2005 Corvette a joy. Things like a front-end bra to protect and accent; a
windscreen (to protect your dates hairstyle!); and a license plate
frame?a must for protection against the elements and theft.  And don’t
forget about special Corvette floor mats, seat covers and key fobs.

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