2005 Corvette Review — Interior Accessories and Options

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When one thinks of interior accessories and options–mats, gauges,
seat covers?that sort of thing comes to mind. Let’s talk about these

Mats are always an attractive addition to your 2005 Corvette. They
protect your carpet and add style and comfort to your car. A good brand
to check into is Lloyd’s. These mats are made with premium nylon yarn
and are rubber-backed. They sport the C6 logo, which is custom
embroidered on each mat.

Gauges there are in abundance. Choose from fuel pressure, boost/vac,
water temperature, air/fuel ratio, RPMs (tachometer)’so many from which
to select. And you might like to consider a vehicle information display.
The one from MSD called the DashHawk provides a host of interesting and
informative data about your 2005 Corvette. This panel allows you to
monitor engine performance, it allows you to read and clear engine
lights (why spend a lot of money at the repair shop only to find your
gas cap is loose!), the panel allows you to estimate quarter mile times,
and it can help you obtain better fuel economy by allowing you to
modify your driving habits, whether in town or on the highway.

How about seat covers? There are many versions and colors for you to
choose from. And they all offer protection for your stock seats,
comfort, and style. That’s a good combination.

Let’s talk about an improved shifter for your C6 2005 Corvette. One
of these, called the Kwik 6-Speed Shifter, claims a 20% shorter throw,
giving you faster shift times. It also claims a more solid feel than the
stock shifter. Check it out?it may be money well spent.

There are trunk and interior organizers. These include a Corvette
storage pad for your cell phone, storage pockets for your door panels,
Corvette CD holders?even beer can holders for the trunk.

Now let’s move on to interior trim accessories. Choose an aluminum,
dash-gauge bezel; polished or brushed stainless steel inner doorsills;
plus aluminum trim for window buttons, ashtray, vents, and more. These
are the little items that can spruce up your 2005 Corvette, make it
unique and different, and make you even more proud as a 2005 Corvette
owner and driver. Oh, and don’t forget inserts and graphics. They can
help accent your hood, the side of your Corvette, and your
headlights?adding yet another dimension to the Corvette experience.

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