2006 Corvette Review: Interior Accessories and Options

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If you’re in the market for a used 2006 Corvette, you’ll be best able
to select the car that you’re interested in if you take the time to
familiarize yourself with the various interior accessories and options
that can be included with this type of vehicle. The 2006 model of
Corvette corresponds with the factory line C6 Corvette type. Although
Corvettes had been in development since the 1950s, the C6 model marks
only the 6th major renovation to the style and design of the vehicle.
Since its release, C6 Corvettes have received rave reviews from
consumers and critics alike.

Navigation System

One of the most popular options for an interior accessory for the
2006 Corvette is a GPS navigation system. These systems provide you with
step by step instructions on how to get from one place to another.
Alternately, you can use them as a map and for a number of other
navigation-related tasks as well.

Enhanced Sound System

The 2006 Corvette has an enhanced sound system featuring speakers
throughout the vehicle. This sound system has mp3 and CD player
capabilities, and you can also add in a jack for your iPod or other
multimedia player to be connected via USB to the car’s sound system.

Climate Control

Corvettes feature enhanced climate control systems to help maintain a
comfortable temperature in the vehicle at all times. The air
conditioning system in a Corvette is among the most powerful for
vehicles of its type.

Heated and Leather Seats

Corvettes from the 2006 model year feature optional heated and
leather seats for your comfort. If you don’t desire a heated seat, you
can look for a 2006 model year Corvette with leather seats but no
heating components.

Remote Keyless Entry

Some models of 2006 Corvette feature remote keyless entry to help aid
you in accessing your car. Rather than a traditional key, these cars
rely upon a radio signal system in order to unlock the doors. There is a
standard key option available as well for those who prefer to open
their Corvette doors in the traditional manner or in the case in which
the remote access button fails or runs out of batteries.

There are a number of other options that you can find in 2006 model
year Corvettes. Generally, the more options that you have added in to
your vehicle, the higher the price of the car itself. Consult with a
Corvette specialist for more information.

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