2007 Corvette Review: Exterior Accessories and Options

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The 2007 Corvette by Chevrolet is an excellently made vehicle
that sports a number of enticing features and capabilities. Among the
most exciting of these are the wide variety of interior and exterior
accessories that are available to help enhance this vehicle. The 2007
Corvette is known for its handling, sleek appearance and aesthetic, and
full range of luxury amenities and optional add ons.

Customized Lighting

One of the most popular exterior accessories that people choose to
use to enhance their Corvette is a set of customized lights. These can
replace any of the existing lights on the Corvette body itself, but the
headlights are the most commonly replaced item. You can replace the
headlights with those that will shine light using a more energy
efficient bulb or with others that will help to shine a brighter light
on the road in front of your vehicle.

Headlight Wipers

Headlight wipers help to keep your headlights clean and free of grime, dirt and other potential causes of damage.

Enhanced Hood

Many owners replace the existing hood on their Corvette with a
customized hood. These do not generally increase the functionality of
the vehicle at all, but rather are used to help enhance or change the
appearance of the vehicle to suit the desires of the owner.

Customized Spoilers

Spoilers are also not generally necessary for the adequate drive-ability of a Corvette; nonetheless, many owners of 2007 Corvette
vehicles add a customized spoiler to the rear of the vehicle. This piece
of metal is affixed to the top of the trunk of the car and juts above
the vehicle. It can be outfitted with an additional brake light.


In some cases, you may wish to enhance your vehicle’s appearance with
a custom designed grill. These take the place of the standard front
portion of the Corvette and alter the aesthetic of the car
significantly. Grills are commonly added to cars at the same time as
replacement and customized trunks and hoods are installed in order to
create a larger difference in the appearance.

Vehicle Covers

Chevrolet makes a variety of different cloth covers that you can use
to help protect your Corvette from exposure, vandalism and other damage
as well. These covers come in a variety of styles and materials and are
especially good if you tend to leave your vehicle outside for an
extended period of time.

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