2007 Corvette Review: Interior Accessories and Options

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A 2007 Corvette by Chevrolet is an excellent choice of vehicle
for someone looking for a speedy, powerful and easy to drive car that
features a wide array of both interior and exterior accessories as
optional add ons to the standard model. In fact, the Corvette from the
model year 2007 is almost fully customizable, and you can adjust the
interior design and luxury amenities in your individual car to a great
degree. In order to help you decide how best to outfit your 2007
Chevrolet Corvette, read on for a list of different interior accessories
and amenities that can be included in this vehicle.

Navigation System

One of the most popular addons to a 2007 Corvette is a GPS (or global
positioning system) navigation device. This device helps to direct you
when you’re driving your vehicle and can take the place of maps and
atlases in your car.

Enhanced Sound System

The Chevrolet Corvette from the model year of 2007 already comes
standard with an excellent mp3 and CD player sound system, but you can
further enhance the speaker options and include additional speakers in
your car for additional costs upfront. You can also add a disc changer
and an optional jack for mp3 players to the vehicle as well.

Heated and Leather Seats

One of the more popular options for the Corvette are leather seats.
These are an upgrade from the standard cloth seats that are found in
many Corvettes. On top of this, you can also add a heating component to
your seats in your 2007 Chevrolet Corvette. This will help you to stay
warm during the winter or if the vehicle is cold.

Climate Control

Corvettes come with an excellent climate control system already
designed. However, you can add a further enhanced system to the car as
well. This enhanced climate control system allows you to alter and
adjust the temperature and fan power for each passenger and occupant in
the vehicle as they see fit.

Chevrolet is designing new addons and luxury amenities for the
Corvette at all times. If you are concerned that something that you’re
interested in using to outfit your Corvette is not on this list, speak
with a Chevrolet dealer near you. Many of these options can be
retrofitted onto older or used Corvettes as well, if desired.

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