2008 Corvette Review: Exterior Accessories and Options

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Looking for 2008 Corvette accessories for the exterior of your performance car? Check out the following popular choices and search for them at locations that sell Genuine Corvette Accessories. These include Chevrolet dealerships and other licensed sales outlets for performance car accessories.

Windscreens and Roofs

Keep passenger compartment turbulence at bay when the top is down with a convertible windscreen. Constructed of black aluminum with a see-through mesh, windscreen carries a Corvette logo.

For open-air feeling with roof in place, buy a transparent roof panel as a 2008 Corvette exterior accessory. Roof panel produced with the same tooling as the factory version.

Cat-Back Exhaust

Twin transverse muffler system empties into four highly-polished stainless-steel exhaust tips (features the Genuine Corvette Accessories emblem).

Screens and Inserts

Give your 2008 Corvette a custom look with screens and inserts:

1) Side Cove Screen Inserts ? Dress up the side-cove area of your 2008 Corvette with fine-screen mesh insert. ZO6 version with twin brake-dust screens is also available.

2) Exhaust Plate Screen ? Constructed of the same mesh material as side-cove inserts, the exhaust plate screen fills in the gap between exhaust tips.

3) Front-Grille Screen ? Made of a fine mesh material, the front grille screen fits behind the production Corvette grille. No ZO6 version is available.

Covers and Masks

Protect your 2008 Corvette from dust and scratches with car covers and masks.

1) Dust Covers ? Choose an indoor dust cover in red or black with Corvette crossed-flags logo (ZO6 version available with ZO6 logo), or an all-weather, storm-proof cover in gray, red, black, and black and red.

2) Front-End Cover ? Protect the nose of your 2008 Corvette with this heavy-duty black vinyl front-end cover. Available for vehicles with or without front license plates, the cover features the Corvette crossed-flags logo.

3) Body-Color Engine Cover ? LS3 body-color engine covers are available in red and silver metallic, while LS2 engine covers are available in all colors. Not available for ZO6.

Rear Spoiler

Replace the standard black 2008 Corvette rear spoiler with a body-color version. Available in all Corvette body colors except black.

Graphic Package

Choose Corvette body graphics in adhesive that extends from hood to rear on either coupe or convertible. Colors include silver with red accents, silver with black, and black with silver.

Door Handles and License Plate Holders

Finish the look with 2008 Corvette accessories for the exterior with body-color or chrome door handles and license plate holders. Front and rear license plate covers are available in all Corvette exterior body colors. Body-color door handles are available in all Corvette colors except black. Chrome door handles complement polished or aluminum wheels.

Customizing with 2008 Corvette accessories, exterior, is easy with Genuine Corvette Accessories.

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