2009 Chevrolet C6 Corvette ZR1: LS9 Engine, Pricing, and Performance

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The 2009 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 sports a supercharged, 376 cubic inch, 6.162 L “LS9.” The LS9 is based on the LS3 because higher pressure in the cylinders, as a result of the supercharger, necessitated more substantial cylinder walls, which the previous Corvette LS7 engine did not have. Bore and stroke is 4.06 inches (or 103.1 mm) and 3.62 inches (or 91.9 mm), respectively. The LS9 with these specs produces 638 horsepower (476 kW) and 604 lb. ft. (819 N•m) of torque.

The supercharger is an Eaton four-lobe model with intercooler. To avoid
changes to the Corvette’s hood design, supercharger output has been
split in two, and each row of cylinders has its own intercooler.
Intercoolers are Behr models featuring a dual-brick, air-to-water
For the first time, oil injectors are used in this engine as a
production component. This reduces noise and improves cooling. Also
included is a better dry oil sump system. Aluminum alloy heads help
improve heat dissipation. Transmission choices are the standard
automatic or the optional six-speed manual with an improved flywheel

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