2009 Corvette Review: Exterior Accessories and Options

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Before you purchase a 2009 Corvette, take a look at some
exterior options that are available. The 2009 Corvette is praised for
its excellent driveability and its precision handling just as much as it
receives compliments for its sleek design and stylish appearance. Learn
about the top exterior accessories for the 2009 Corvette in order to
further enhance this excellent vehicle and to personalize it to suit
your style and driving needs as well.

Enhanced Grills

are a variety of enhanced and customized grills available for you to
add on to your 2009 Corvette. These generally do not affect performance,
but they do serve to enhance the appearance of the outside of your
vehicle and to help you to customize the look of your car.


spoilers are a popular addition to the exterior of the Corvette. Like
grills, spoilers generally do not serve a functional purpose. However,
they give your Corvette a distinctive appearance.

Hubcaps and Rims

people choose to modify the tires, hubcaps and/or rims for the 2009
Corvette that they purchase. Changing these elements of your car can
influence how the vehicle performs and the gas mileage rating, among
other things. The larger the tire and the wider the tread, the better
the performance of the tire. Because the Corvette is already one of the
highest performing vehicles available on the market at this point in
time, these alterations are usually reserved for people who intend to
race or do stunt driving in their 2009 Corvette.

Cloth Covers and Protectors

has released a line of different cloth covers and protectors for the
2009 Corvette. These are crucial accessories to purchase along with your
new or used 2009 Corvette, as they help to protect the car against
damage that can occur due to normal exposure, vandalism and more.
Because the cost of repairing these damages can be quite high, and the
cost of purchasing a cloth cover is quite low, it makes sense to buy a
protective layer for your new vehicle in order to protect it.

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