2010 Corvette Grand Sport Review

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2010 Grand Sport

General Motors has used the C6 Corvette to showcase a variety of
different trimlines and the newest chapter in the success story is the
2010 Corvette Grand Sport.  The name is new for 2010 but the equipment
options are not, as the Grand Sport is effectively replacing the Z51
package with some styling cues from the Z06.

The drivetrain of the 2010 Corvette Grand Sport is the same as the
base model, with the 430 horsepower LS3 being mated to either an
automatic or manual transmission.  The brakes of the Grand Sport are
similar to the setup found on the Z06, with 14? rotors and 4 caliper
pistons in the front, and 13.4? rotors under 4 piston calipers out
back.  The suspension has been improved compared to the base model 2010
Corvettes with track tuning performed to help the Grand Sport handle
better, achieving a full 1g on the skidpad.  18 inch front rims and 19
inch rear rims are wrapped in high performance tires, allowing great
traction for tight corners and high speed.

The body of the 2010 Corvette Grand Sport is taken from the Z06, with
flared front and rear fenders making room for the widened tires all
around.  This gives the Grand Sport the same menacing stance as the
higher performance Z06 and ZR1 and further improves the handling of this
new package.  The Z06 front and rear splitter are also used and the
Z06-inspired side vents help to both cool the braking system and remove
heat from the engine bay.

A key advantage to the 2010 Grand Sport is the availability of
options.  The automatic transmission is not offered in the Z06, but it
is on the Grand Sport and the same is true of the convertible top
option.  Unlike the Grand Sport offered in 1996, the 2010 Corvette Grand
Sport is offered in any available color from the Corvette lineup (this
is true of all 2010 Corvettes).

The 2010 Grand Sport is a great enthusiast option, as the automatic
transmission and convertible top are great for those who want more
luxury than performance.  The Z06 and ZR1 have done a fantastic job of
fulfilling the needs of racers, but for those who want track-proven
handling combined with a sportier exterior, the 2010 Grand Sport is

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