2010 SEMA Show: General Motors

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General Motors features power and sporty economy at the 2010 SEMA Show

General Motors has the smallest amount of floor space of the Detroit
automakers with the General being the only 1 of the Big 3 not to feature
some sort of outdoor display at SEMA but they do make the most of their
central hall indoor display area.

As was the case in prior years, the GM display was really a Chevrolet
display, with the Chevy Camaro being offered in a variety of forms.  GM
uses SEMA to show off available GMPP accessories but this year they
also featured the Camaro SS-X track car concept ? a purpose built race
car comprised almost entirely of items available for the 2011 Chevy
Camaro SS to take it from being a spirited daily driver to a hardcore
track car.

Sharing the track-ready look and performance of the SS-X concept was
the new Corvette Z06-X.  Like the Camaro, the Z06-X begins with a
production vehicle (the new Corvette Z06) and with help from Pratt &
Miller, the group responsible for the C6R race Corvettes, Chevy has
made the high performance Z06 even more capable.  One would think that
the ?X? designates some intention to compete with the Dodge Viper ACR,
which currently holds the production car record for the fastest time
around Germany’s famed N?rburgring.  The Corvette ZR-1 is nipping at the
heels of the ACR but with Dodge offering the modified ACR-X, General
Motors could launch the Z06-X to give the Dodge supercar a run for its

In addition to the high performance and track-ready Camaros and
Corvettes, General Motors unveiled a trio of fuel efficient models
wearing the new Z-spec badges.  The z-spec program takes the Chevy
Cruze, Chevy Spark and Chevy Volt ? three vehicles best known for their
low cost and highly efficient drivetrains ? adding items like custom
wheels, graphics and suspension items to give these green cars a
sportier feel as well as showing that these models can be more than just
a cheap way to get from point a to point b.

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