2014 Corvette Recall Issued for Rear Shock Absorbers

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This is certainly no reason for major alarm as I still firmly stand behind my belief that the C7 is one of the most groundbreaking new sports cars in decades; however, the concerns over some past safety issues that have come back to haunt GM are pushing the carmaker to make sure everything is now up to snuff, which has spawned another recall on the 2014 Corvette, according to an official GM press release.

This one includes 1,939 U.S. models being recalled to replace the rear shock absorbers equipped with the FE1 or FE3 suspension. According to the folks at GM, a bad weld could cause the shocks to fracture or go bad before they should based on the expected service life. The recall also includes thirty-three 2014 Corvettes in Canada and 82 models exported.

Be sure to remember that the recalls on the C7 now ensure that you get many more years of enjoyment out of the car years down the road.


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