2016 Corvette Z06 Becomes First Chevy to Pack CarPlay

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CarPlay Z06

It looks like the Corvette Z06 can add another cool factor to its list of accolades.

This hot Blade Sliver model of the American supercar holds the distinction of being the first Chevy CarPlay vehicle, the second car ever to be sold with the in-car Apple system, according to TechCrunch.

The first car to feature the high-tech system was the Ferrari FF, but Chevy’s roll-out is expected to have far greater impact in the automotive world, given the broader reach of our beloved American brand.

First announced in May, Chevy CarPlay enables drivers to use iPhone features like making calls, sending and receiving messages, and listening to music, right from the car’s touchscreen or by voice, via Siri.

Essentially, it’s like having your own personal assistant on hand (minus the nagging questions) while on the road.

All and all, the Corvette is one of 14 new 2016 Chevy models to feature CarPlay. And we can’t think of a better way to roll out the new feature than with the brand’s shining crown jewel, the Z06.

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via [TechCrunch]

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