2017 Corvette Ranks as Most American Sports Car

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Chevrolet’s flagship ranks third on annual top-ten university study.

When it comes to sports cars, there is none more American than the 2017 Corvette. Fact.

Hey, that’s not just an arbitrary claim being made by us here at Corvette Forum, but rather one that has been officially verified by an outside source. Yep, according to a study by American University’s Kogod School of Business, the C7 Corvette is the most American car you can buy, as detailed in a report by The Drive.

Since 2013, the Washington D.C.-based school has compiled a list of the top-ten most American cars of the year.

The list is based on a number of factors including a vehicle’s profit margin; labor source; base for research and development; inventory capital and other expenses; engine and transmission production; and the manufacturing of body, chassis and electrical components, all of which are detailed more specifically on American University’s official site.

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The 2017 Corvette actually came in third on the list behind the Chevrolet Traverse, Buick Enclave and GMC Acadia platform mates, which occupy the number one post on the list. The Ford F-150 earned the second spot.

The remaining vehicles on the list include the Jeep Wrangler (4); Ford Expedition (5): Lincoln Navigator, Ford Taurus (tied for sixth place); Cadillac ATS Sedan AWD/CTS Platinum AWD, Chevrolet Colorado 4WD Z71 Crew Cab (tied for seventh); Jeep Cherokee (8); Honda CR-V, Ridgeline, Pilot, Acura RDX, Kia Optima and Toyota Camry (tied for the ninth spot), and the Ford Explorer, Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid (tied for 10th).

Sure, it’s not exactly the kind of list Corvette owners can cite when it comes to bragging about stuff like performance and horsepower, but it certainly speaks to the deep ties the Chevy sports car has to America.

Editor’s Note:
American University really needs to up the precision on these rankings. It’s outrageous that six vehicles from four brands would be tied for ninth place.

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