2019 ZR1 Does 190 mph in Texas Mile (Video)

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Car and Driver took a ZR1 to the Texas Mile to see what it’d do and Facebook gave us the scoop early.

Long gone are the days of closely guarded secrets and careful reveals of the biggest magazine stories. Though we occasionally pine for those days, we also appreciate any information we can get, especially when it’s Corvette related! The hotly anticipated ZR1 is a particular darling for information: it’ll be the most powerful Corvette to date from the factory, and the fastest. 755 hp and 212 mph is the claim from Chevrolet, and the video, dated March 24, seems to suggest the Vette will be good for it too.

The Car and Driver guys made a few passes with the bigger adjustable “high wing” that comes in the Performance Package. Their best pass appears to be 180.8 mph, according to The Texas Mile’s Facebook page. That wing, though it generates plenty of downforce, was definitely not helping their cause. So they removed it.

2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Texas Mile

Looks a little odd without the wing, but the ZR1 still cuts a nice profile. How much is the wing-delete worth in the mile? They managed 190.1 with what we’d call a pretty soft launch. About 10 mph is nothing to turn your nose up at. Though still short of the claimed top speed of 212 mph, that’s obvious that’s going to require a bit more runway. 190 mph from a stock Corvette in a single mile is darn impressive.

Though impressive in a straight line, the ZR1 is built to handle too. It’s doing things like setting records at Virginia International Raceway and is apparently very good around the notoriously rough Willow Springs. We can’t wait to get our hands on the wheel, and foot on the pedal, of the ZR1.

Has anyone here gone to a standing mile event? Maybe even the Texas Mile? Join us in the Forums and let us know.

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