2,350-Horsepower Corvette Just Can’t Get Traction

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Shannon Poole’s C2 Corvette struggles with the boosted S10 when the tires can’t hold the power.

The video above comes to us from the National No Prep Racing Association YouTube channel and it features an eighth mile battle between Shannon Poole’s C2 Corvette and Jason Cantu’s Chevy S10 pickup. This race takes place at the Street Outlaws Live event in Orangeburg, South Carolina, and if you are familiar with that show, you should know what kind of performance to expect from these high performance machines.

The competitors

As mentioned above, this race takes place between the Corvette of Shannon Poole and the S-10 of Jason Cantu. The Chevy pickup is powered by a twin-turbocharged small block while the Corvette packs a monstrous 632-cubic inch big block with nitrous, leading to 2,350 horsepower on the bottle.

C2 Corvette Vs Turbo S10

Of course, in addition to their high-powered engines, both of these machines have extensive modification lists to allow them to run some of the quickest times that you will ever see from full-bodied vehicles. Those performance capabilities, pitted head-to-head, makes this one incredible drag race for Chevrolet fans.

The battle

The video begins by giving us a look at the C2 Corvette and the boosted S-10 doing smoky tandem burnouts to get their huge tires good and sticky. The staging process is slow and careful, building the anticipation of the crowd as battle between the big block Chevy and small block Chevy begins.

With both vehicles in the beams, the engine speeds soar and both engines roar, and when the green lights drop – the Corvette rips out of the hole. Unfortunately, Poole quickly runs into traction issues, forcing him to lift and get back into the throttle, but traction in the left lane is nowhere to be found. As a result, the twin turbo, small block Chevy truck races to the win.

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