4 Signs You’re Buying a Good Used Corvette

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So, you’ve finally decided to give in to your life-long desire to own a Corvette.  There’s no particular reason to shy away from buying a used Corvette, but it’s important to know exactly what you’re buying regardless of it being a high-performance vehicle.  Here are four signs that the used Corvette you’ve been eyeing is a good investment.


1. It has low mileage

 low mileage

Having a car with higher mileage means there’s a higher potential for things to go wrong.  Nothing’s worse than finally being able to buy a Corvette only to realize that it’s going to cost you to replace worn out components that are crucial to its driveability. Shop around for the lowest mileage, keeping in mind that a Vette with under 50k miles is the safest bet. Any ad that doesn’t indicate the mileage usually means it’s high.  Of course, high mileage isn’t an absolute deal-breaker; Corvettes that are well-driven (as they’re meant to be) can also be in great shape.


2. It has an accurate, clean title

clean title

A used car with a clean title means the vehicle hasn’t been involved in an accident that could spell potential trouble for its condition. A good used Corvette will ideally be collision-free and otherwise undamaged with a clean title to prove it. Still, you should be aware of fraud when it comes to a car’s history report. Before purchasing, always have a mechanic lift the Corvette up to inspect for any obvious signs of re-welding or suspension components/wheels that are out of alignment. If something doesn’t look quite right, trust your instincts and have it inspected to be sure the title holds up.


3. It has a few mods


You’ll want to stay away from Corvettes that are heavily modded. A Vette that’s bone stock, or close to it, is ideal if you’re a Corvette purist. Of course, general maintenance items like a replacement battery or windshield wipers shouldn’t be cause for concern. On the other hand, if you want a Vette that’s been modded for performance, just make sure you know everything that’s been done to the car and how well it was installed. Look out for mounting holes for nitrous, which can be hidden well.


4. It’s well maintained


From the interior to the wheels, a Corvette that’s in good, clean shape is a visual sign that the previous owner likely took care of it in other ways than just aesthetic. If there’s major rust on the frame or the original paint is significantly cracked, who knows what other more important components weren’t maintained upon first glance. This is just another reason to have the entire vehicle inspected before agreeing to purchase it. Signs of simple wear and tear that weren’t repaired, like a cracked dashboard or ripped seats, may be an indication that the previous owner didn’t treat it like an investment. Don’t settle – there are plenty of beautiful, clean Corvettes out there for you to choose from.


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