4×4 C4 Could Be Most Unusual Project Ever

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4x4 C4 corvette

This Craigslist C4 Might Not Be Complete, but You’ll Certainly Be the Only One on Your Block With a 4×4 Corvette

Corvette projects come in many shapes and sizes, but not often will you find a C4 placed on the top of what appears to be a Blazer or Jimmy 4×4 chassis. You’ll need a trailer to bring it home though, as this Craigslist find runs only on starting fluid. You’ll have to hook up the shift linkage and radiator, but it seems like it might need a little more than that to truly make it useful on the road. Wires can be visible from the bottom of the dash, but the interior looks like it can be cleaned up a bit. You’ll have to be patient with this project, but at least you get GM’s lovely ’80’s wood-grain interior.

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Sadly, no other real details on this C4 mashup are available through the ad. We would like to know what chassis it actually rides on, and which engine it has. None of that info is listed, but this curiosity can be yours for $3,000. A title is included for the Corvette portion of the car, so if you really are brave, you can register it.

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