5 Electrifying Facts About the Genovation GXE

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Jalopnik goes behind the scenes with Genovation, the team behind the record-breaking, all-electric Corvette.

You’d literally have to be sleeping under a rock not to have heard about the Genovation GXE.

The all-electric ‘Vette has been all the internet buzz, as of late. Especially since breaking yet another standing-mile speed record as the fastest EV, with a top speed of 209 mph.

But it appears that our friends at Jalopnik have dug up a few more interesting facts on the record-breaking EV. This comes as the Genovation team revs up to roll out a limited run of 75 C7 Corvette-based, all-electric GXEs.

Genovation GXE

Below are five interesting facts from the article on the $750,000 car and the Maryland-based company charged with bringing the production models to life.

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1. Genovation started its journey in the world of electric vehicles as a company that built modified electric Fords. They were to be used as fleet vehicles for a local municipality. But the idea tanked amid the 2007 recession.

2. The development process for the Genovation GXE started with an aluminum chassis from a C6 Z06. They got them from Dana Corp., who built the original C6 chassis for General Motors.

3. Initially, the GXE project started out as a project aimed at changing consumer perceptions of electric vehicles, not breaking records. But the buzz that comes with an EV cracking that 200-mph barrier certainly has paid off.

4. Contrary to some conflicting reports, the GXE features a manual transmission. But the original clutch that was used from a ZR1 has since been upgraded with a Monster clutch to handle the GXE’s instant power and torque.

5. When it comes to that $750,000 cost, Genovation says one of the primary reasons for the high price tag is the technology behind the record-breaking GXE. It was developed using some of the same technology used for Le Mans and Formula 1 racing.

For more interesting facts about the GXE, be sure to check out the full Jalopnik report, then let us know what you think.

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