5 Great Ways to Spend $500 on Your C7 Corvette

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Not all people catch the full-on aftermarket customization bug. Some just want to add a few small things here and there to either improve the experience in their cars, protect their cars, or maybe just add a touch of personal style. Not everything has to be a pricey performance upgrade or full exterior upheaval that costs thousands of bucks.

In an excellent thread titled “$500 to blow – what would you blow it on? (C7),” Corvette Forum member DBLXX brought up the topic, while talking about what he’s spent cash on since buying a “standard issue C7 w/NPP w/MRC w/Chrome Rims.” So far, he’s bought LED footwell lights, Lloyd mats, an LT1 interior badge, a NoviStretch bra, and G3 body-colored side skirts.

Those seem like some good choices, but here are some other ideas fellow CF members offered up:

  1. WeatherTech Mats: a fantastic way to keep your ride in tip-top shape from the inside out.
  2. Window Tint: if you’re looking to go under the radar. Just make sure you don’t go over the illegal limit.
  3. Z06 Grille: if you want to slightly separate your base C7 from the pack, but don’t need all that extra power.
  4. MGW Shifter and a Vitesse Throttle Control: self-explanatory.
  5. XPel Ultimate on the Front Bumper: protect your investment.

What would you spend your modding money on?

Chime in with your thoughts on the forum. >>

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