Five Little-Known Hacks for C7 Corvette Owners

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If you own a C7 Corvette, you may want to listen up. Some of these could drastically improve your ownership experience!

Despite cars being complex technological masterpieces nowadays, little-known car hacks have always existed. Whether secret compartments, the right way to use a specific feature, or the fact that the little arrow next to the gas station pump on your fuel gauge points at the side where the filler door is located, we’ve always been fascinated by the unknown.

Thankfully, the guys at Cars, Costs and Technology feel very much the same and decided to create this “5 Things You Didn’t Know About the C7 Corvette Stingray” video. See if you know all of them, and let us know in the comments or on the forum whether any were surprising.

Little-Known Hack #1


The C7 is the first-ever four-cylinder Corvette! Say what? Yes, thanks to the Active Fuel Management system, the 6.2-liter V8 can shut off half of its cylinders to improve fuel economy. This will happen in all driving modes if equipped with an automatic transmission, or in”Eco” mode with a manual.

Little-Known Hack #2


Valet mode — what exactly does it do? Should you allow a 16-year-old punk to valet park your C7 Corvette, you can set up a password to lock down your infotainment touchscreen (to protect sensitive data), which also automatically locks your glove box. If equipped with the Performance Data Recorder, it will turn it on and record every aspect of your ‘Vette while it’s out of sight.

Little-Known Hack #3


The “secret entrance.” The lack of a physical door handle in the C7 could cause trouble if your car or remote’s battery dies. After releasing the physical metal key stored inside your remote, locate the keyhole hidden above the rear license plate, which will pop up the trunk when unlocked. Then, pull on the tab located on the driver’s side trunk liner to unlock the door.

Little-Known Hack #4


Not so much of a “hack,” but more of a service announcement for non-owners and Corvette owners generations six and below. If you’re new to Corvettes and are looking for your C7’s gas cap or spare tire — surprise! They don’t exist.

Little-Known Hack #5


The Stingray legacy. Like hack number four, you’ll appreciate the narrator’s advice and little history lesson regarding the moniker. Don’t forget to let us know which little-known hack surprised you the most!


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