5 Reasons Why a Corvette Coupe Is Better Than a Convertible

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It’s certainly not the first time this debate has come up here at Corvette Forum. But we still love weighing in on it, whenever the argument arises.

New member Mschuyler raises the question again in a thread titled “Convertibles: Why not more popular?” Well, simply stated, it’s clear that the Corvette coupe is a much better buy than a convertible model. And here are five of the top reasons why, based on the general consensus of many of the comments.

1. Performance, Performance, Performance

Despite all the improvements made with the C7, the mere laws of physics involved in engineering a convertible require some sacrifices in performance when compared to a coupe. That’s pretty hard to dispute.

2. Better Pickings If You Haven’t Pre-Ordered

The fact that Chevy dealers tend to stock more coupes than convertible Corvettes makes it much easier to go from window shopping to driving the model you like.

3. Hotter Design

There’s definitely something unique about a convertible Corvette — especially when compared to other cars in the segment. But I think most would agree that the hard top gives the coupe a more striking presence.

4. Best of Both Worlds

While certainly not the same as a full-blown convertible, the coupe’s removable top provides some of the same wind and sun appeal, while staying true to the Corvette’s muscular appeal.

5. Timeless

Years from now, a convertible C7 just won’t have the same appeal as a coupe. A quick Google search comparing convertible and coupe Corvettes from previous gens will attest to that.

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