Breaking the Bank: $600K 1967 Corvette 427 on eBay!

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Given the price, this baby might need a little TLC. The eBay ad claims this example is the only ‘Vette of this vintage with Ermine White/Saddle Leather, radio delete, and most importantly, the potent 435HP L71. The seller is the original owner, and the beefy big block has seen a scant 35,344 miles. Also, the numbers-matching drivetrain is documented down to the font on the engine stamps, and most likely, what the dude doing the stamping ate for breakfast. But a meticulous restoration has been performed, and while care was taken to leave original imperfections?like overspray on the manifolds?unmolested, the ad also states: “Many man hours were spent getting the body’s fit and finish to a level that far exceeds the factory’s effort.” Does that seem like a contradiction? Because it does to us. And what is authenticity exactly worth anyway? If you injured your knee at a Civil War reenactment, amputation probably wouldn’t be on the table?

Is paying this much for ?originality? crazy cool, or just plain crazy? Chime in on Forums and let us know!

Full text and all pics follow

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For authenticity’s sake, all the author’s imperfections have been maintained:

Mileage: 35344

Exterior: White
Interior: Saddle Leather

Body Style: 2 Door Coupe

Engine: 435hp L-71

Transmission: 4-spd Muncie

1967 Corvette 427/435HP 4-Spd with 35,344 original miles The only White/Saddle Leather/ Radio delete 435hp car ever built! What we have here is quite possibly the finest and most unique 1967 435hp car on the planet. The car is completely numbers matching from bumper to bumper. The only non-original parts on the car (besides the paint) are the battery, hoses, belts and correct reproduction tires.
BONUS: the title is still in the original owners name! Other important documents include the original window sticker, Protect-O-Plate, and the tank sticker. Included with the car are two full binders containing photos of complete restoration. THE CAR IS BETTER THAN WHEN IT WAS NEW!

Every aspect of this car is correct; including all the factory �shortcomings� like the overspray on the exhaust manifolds etc. The restorer did however make improvements with regards to the paint and body. Many man hours were spent getting the body�s �fit and finish� to a level that far exceeds the factory�s effort. The car�s body lines, all the door gaps, panel straightness, and paint finish � all perfect and flawless. The original leather interior is perfect and is without any imperfections. The car�s electrical system, brake system, suspension, and side exhaust � all perfect. She’ll run and drive as you would expect a finely restored, low mileage 435 horse Corvette to drive. Options include; 435hp L-71 engine, 4-spd Muncie Transmission, Saddle Leather interior, Side Exhaust, 3.70:1 Ratio POSI rear, Telescoping wheel, and very RARE Radio DELETE request. This car is owned by a very well known RI based collector. Cars that he has previously owned include the know famous 33.5 mile 1970 LS-6 Chevelle that was recently sold at auction, numerous other L-71 cars, including the 435hp roadster currently available on Hemmings� website.

With ALL currently available 1967 L-88 Coupes now priced over the MILLION DOLLAR mark, this car is true investment grade. It�s widely believed that 99% of the L-88 cars no longer have their original engines due to their racing heritage � this 435hp L-71 still has its original broach marks UNDER the engine stamping! This car can be proven, without a doubt, to be an authentic, #’s matching, 435 horse L-71. The “font” on the engine stamping is accurate according to those who have those records. Yes, stamps broke on the assembly line and were recorded as to what days they were changed out, so you can prove from the car’s build date what FONT should be on the stamping. The tank sticker along with all the associated paperwork is original and very, very real. We encourage anyone to come and inspect this car, it is real beyond any shadow of a doubt.

NOTE: There were a total of 22,940 Corvettes built in 1967, out of that there were 8,504 coupes built, so about 2/3rds were roadsters. Likewise there were 3,754 L-71 cars built and it’s believed that 2/3rds of those were also Roadsters making any 435 horse Coupe a pretty rare piece. CAR IS SHOW-ROOM NEW AND WOULD BE A CENTERPIECE TO ANY CORVETTE COLLECTION Anyone interested in the car is certainly welcome to inspect it or have it inspected, the car�s documents are available to be viewed in person, and no electronic pictures will be taken and emailed.
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