’62 Copper C1 Is One Amazing Piece of Highly Functional Art

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1962-chevrolet-corvette-front (1)

Pure beauty.

That’s’ the first thing that came to mind the second I laid eyes on this Copper ‘62 Corvette featured in a recent Super Chevy report.

And believe it or not, this gorgeous C1 started as a pile of parts that most would have just written off at the onset. But not Ward Seifrid. As an avid Corvette collector, he went from tackling the project as a typical resto to undergoing a massive rebuild where practically every part of the Corvette underwent some modification.

The initial work started with a restorer, then Seifrid took it to The Custom Shop in Flanagan, Illinois. The team obviously did a great job on it, and I’m not just talking about looks. Seifrid says the car has pulled dyno runs as high as 1,086 horsepower.

“Everything just kind of came together — I wanted to step it up a notch from the others,” Seifrid told Super Chevy.
Well, you certainly achieved that, Ward.

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Via [Super Chevy]

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