Fast & Flashy Stingray Is a Scene-Stealer at Summit Racing!

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It slices! It dices! It cruises! It wins trophies and runs high 7s…what more could you ask for?

Sometimes, living in the Rust Belt downright sucks. There are a few benefits, though. The long winters give us a chance to build some seriously cool stuff, and, if your corner of said Rust Belt happens to include northeast Ohio, you’re close to Summit Racing Equipment.

Summit Racing Equipment is a company that’s certainly familiar to all of us. This high-performance parts house got their start with a retail store in Tallmadge, Ohio, just 20 minutes from downtown Akron. Even with free shipping on most orders, it’s worth checking out in person if you’re in the area.

Gary Box's Boxvette at Summit Racing

In addition to the spectacle of wall-to-wall hot rod parts, there are two turntables in the front windows, each host to a custom-built hot rod. The cars are changed out on a regular basis, so even a routine trip for oil and shop rags becomes an indoor car show of sorts.

Cam Vanderhorst is a contributor to Harley-Davidson Forums, Ford Truck Enthusiasts, Corvette Forum, and MB World. He is also a co-host of the Cammed & Tubbed podcast.

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