1963 Corvette Racer Ranks As a Classic Barn Find

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This 1963 Corvette could very well be one of the coolest barn finds we’ve come across in months.

So much so, that we were reluctant to share the owner’s name out of fear he might hold us accountable for all the stalkers he’s likely to get from Corvette Forum members trying to track him down and see if he’s interested in selling this 1963 gem.

Then it occurred to us, Hot Rod (where we first discovered the story), already revealed the name of the owners as Mike Conte and Trevor Kirsh. So, they’ll have to assume some of the blame if Mike and Trevor start finding Corvette Forum members planted outside their homes, yelling out offers at ungodly times of the night.

Now, keep in mind, nowhere in their story does Hot Rod mention that Mike and Trevor even have an interest in selling the race car that sat dormant for nearly 50 years before they restored it. But given the kind of nostalgia tied to the Corvette, we certainly can’t blame anyone for trying to make them an offer.

Although, considering the deep personal history Mike has with the car, you’ll probably have a tough time coming up with a doable price.

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Via [Hot Rod]

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