’65 Corvette Grand Sport Packs a Menacing Roar

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65 Grand Sport

Here’s a different take on the idea of a classic Grand Sport, which I’m betting will interest a few collectors here at Corvette Forum.

While many might mistake it for a restored model of the Grand Sport, this ’65 ‘Vette is actually more of a “certified continuation” of the car, as described in a Mashable report. Use any description you like, but one thing’s clear: this thing is one awe-striking piece of machinery. And that’s pretty clear in the review below.

The only specs we can actually verify from the clip is that the Grand Sport packs 590 horsepower, which appears to be nearly as much muscle as you’ll need to keep this thing firmly grounded on the road.

Badged with that familiar Lingenfelter sticker planted on the windshield, the car’s $164,000 price tag isn’t cheap, but it seems to be well worth the bill for those daring enough to take it up on the challenge.

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Via [Mashable]

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