7 April Fools’ Jokes Corvette Fans Won’t Find Funny

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Forget it.

Don’t even think about it.

When it comes to the seriousness of Corvettes, there’s a couple of things that we just know we could never get away with here at Corvette Forum. Like April Fools’ jokes that really rile up the masses.

Of course, there are a few light ones that you can probably get away with. Take, for example, the one Corvette Forum ran back in 2014 about a four-banger Corvette in the works. Even that one might be considered a little risqué, so this year, we went with one a bit less riling: “Chevrolet Discontinues Cup Holders on All C7 Corvettes.”

While that was fun, we want you to know that we spared you these seven April Fools’ headlines, which could have caused serious repercussions…

1. “Chevrolet to Eliminate V8 Engines Due to Cooling Issues”


2. “Chief Corvette Engineer Tadge Juechter to Take Position at Honda”


3. “Corvettes Will Only Be Offered in White Beginning in 2017”


4. “Corvette Manufacturing Expected to Relocate to Europe”


5. “Corvette to Begin Limited Run After 2018”


6. “Chevy to Limit Speed of Production Corvettes to 85 MPH Due to EPA Concerns ”


7. “National Corvette Museum to Close in 2017”


We imagine there are a probably a few more that might even be considered more taboo. So, we’ll leave it to the ones mentioned above.

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