This 1958 Corvette Is Heavy on Dramatic Flair

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58 Corvette 1

As the old adage goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

But what about “dramatic flair,” which this 1958 reddish Gold Corvette is described as having in a report by the Providence Journal? Or are the two terms one and the same?

If not, it might be hard for most here to decide which one best describes this C1 owned by Davy Jones of Rhode Island. Then again, maybe some of the major details on the Corvette (as highlighted below) will help.

58 Corvette 2

  • Double chrome teeth
  • Huge 16-inch tires
  • Chrome star insets from a 1955 Pontiac Star Chief
  • CB radio with telephone-style handset
  • Factory 270-horsepower V8 engine
  • Charcoal black seats with vents in back
  • Red pinstripes

On second thought, maybe neither “beauty” or “dramatic flair” best describes this Corvette. Maybe, “unique,” or even “odd” is a better fit for this C1. We certainly would love to hear what the rest of Corvette Forum thinks.

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Via [Providence Journal]

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