7 Reasons Why the LS V8 Is the Best Engine Ever Made

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It is the little engine that could. The LS engine has been produced for decades, and even though things on the outside have changed, the push-rod V8 still thunders on as a versatile, compact, efficient, and powerful motor. Here’s why we think it is so good.

1. It’s Versatile
Depending on which vehicle you are looking at, it can be a performance engine, or a workhorse.

2. It’s Reliable
Performance LS engines are stretched to the edges of reliability and back. They can put up with an impressive amount of abuse. For example, there’s at least one Corvette running around with over 700,000 miles.

3. It’s Cheap

A favorite of drag racers is throwing in a junk-yard sourced LS, throwing some boost at it, and pulling quick times on the cheap.

4. It Has Loads of Aftermarket Support

There are over one thousand different ways you can build up your LS. There’s been every form of boost added, and even some impressive all-motor builds.

5. It’s Efficient

Yes, it bears mentioning that the LS has evolved into a fuel sipping V8 with the introduction of cylinder deactivation. It is well within reason to expect nearly 30 miles per gallon or more.

6. All the Cool Cars Have Them

Literally. The LS stands as the most swapped engine found in almost every fast Corvette, Mustang, Miata, BMW, and anything else that a fabricator sees as a potential new home for an LS.

7. Drag Strip Domination

Show up at a drag race, and you’ll find that the quickest cars usually pack an LS. Is it any wonder, given the other six reasons above?

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Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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