700-HP C6 Dishes Out a Dose of Reality to Tesla P85D

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Corvette vs Tesla

Not that I think a Tesla should ever be compared to a Corvette, but I still love it when the Chevy sports car puts the all-electric vehicle in its place.

This latest reality check comes courtesy of 700-horsepower C6 schooling an all-wheel-drive P85 D, which packs 691 HP and 687 lb-ft. of torque, as highlighted in a GM Authority report.

As highlighted in the video below, it takes the Corvette a little time to find its stride. But when it does, it manages to pull away from the P85 D, trapping at 104.39 mph and clicking off the eighth-mile in 6.09 seconds.

Hopefully, someone will be kind enough to share this video clip to Tesla Motors founder, Elon Musk. Sometimes I get the sense that the big tech CEO needs to be reminded that while the Tesla brand might be popular, it hasn’t earned its stripes as a true American icon.

That, Mr. Musk, takes a lot more than a couple of wins on the drag strip.

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Via [GM Authority]


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