’73 Corvette Gets Toasty in Home Remodeling Incident

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This toasty Corvette does it’s best Ferrari impression.

“Burning rubber” is a term you’re probably used to seeing in the same sentence as the word “Corvette.” Unfortunately for the Johnstown, New York owner of this red 1973 C3, rubber wasn’t the only thing burning after a home remodeling project set fire to the car and part of the garage where it was parked.

Luckily for the car’s owners, an electrician who was in the area noticed the flames relatively quickly. He made the wise decision to call 911, and firefighters arrived in less than 10 minutes to find the car torching in the garage.

The owner of the home, Sandra DiDonna, can at least feel lucky to still have a habitable living space. The quick response of her neighbors and fire department kept the fire from spreading to the home’s living room. However, there was some smoke damage reported.

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As for the Corvette, it’s impossible to say exactly how bad the damage is from the initial reports. But the image above makes it clear that at least the rear of the car sustained heavy damage.

The fiberglass construction that Corvettes are famous for is, unfortunately, highly flammable. This has led to many instances of the cars catching on fire when subjected to open flames. They will quite literally melt. While the car at DiDonna’s home appears to have kept its shape, you can see that the taillights of the Stingray coupe have effectively burned away.

Jim Belknap, owner of Budget Exteriors, the company doing the remodel, expressed deep regret for his client. More importantly, he confirmed the company is fully insured, even though this type of incident has never happened in his 40 years on the job. Here’s hoping Jim knows a good fiberglass guy.

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