74-Year-Old in Corvette Hit by 74-Year-Old in Toyota

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Corvette C5 Crash

Only in Florida?

We came across a really unfortunate story the other day, where two 74-year-old men met in a crash in Florida. According to a news report from the area, the driver of a C5 Corvette convertible was t-boned by another man driving a Toyota Tundra.

Apparently, the Tundra struck the passenger side of the Vette. That means Ronald Enger, 74, was making a left across a lane of traffic and intending to drop into the flow of traffic. Sadly, it didn’t work out. The other driver, John Steverson, also 74, nailed the side of the Corvette. At least it wasn’t one of those jacked up pickups with an 8-inch lift. When you look at the damage to the Tundra, it’s no wonder Enger was in critical condition after the crash. We’re honestly a little impressed that Enger wasn’t killed on impact. A scuffle with a full-size pickup doesn’t usually end well for the other vehicle.

Enger was reported to be in pretty rough shape following the accident. There’s also a note that it’s unclear if he was wearing a seatbelt. Though we couldn’t find an obituary for Enger anywhere in Sarasota County, where the accident happened, a lone comment on the story suggests the worst. A user named John Boyer writes, “R.I.P. Ron. You’ll be surely missed by family and friends. Semper Fi, buddy.”

Let this be a warning story for anyone who gets in the car and doesn’t immediately put on their seat belt. Our parents drilled it into us, and our friends, from a young age: get in the car, put on your seat belt. We’ve been teased before, but we’ve never thought it wasn’t worth a light ribbing. Not wearing a seatbelt would be akin to riding a motorcycle without a helmet. Sure, it’s legal in some places, but no way we’re doing that!

We’ll end on this note: to Ronald Enger, may you rest in peace, or recover fully.

Austin Lott is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and LS1Tech, among other auto sites.

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