1979 Corvette Stingray Body Gives Racers the Best of Both Worlds

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Pulling off a sleek, high-performing racing body with classic Corvette styling isn’t a new concept. But as I’m sure anyone in the business will tell you, it still requires a bit of finagling, which is what makes Andy McCoy Race Cars‘ latest creation so special.

It features a ‘79 C3 Stingray body style, with the kind of aerodynamic specifications that the team assures will significantly enhance performance on the dragstrip. The C3 body will be available in both fiber glass and carbon fiber, and will feature an adjustable wheelbase of 112”-115”, a 45” front overhang, and has 34 ½” rear-wheel openings designed to fit 36” tall rear tires, according to Dragzine.

Spokesman Stan McCoy said the new ’79 body should prove to be a popular style for racers who like the appeal of the Corvette body.

“The ’63 Corvette has been well liked and around for years, the C7 Corvette has had mixed reviews among racers as far as handling. We believe the ’79 body will serve as a happy medium between them both,” he said.

The new C3 body goes on sale in early December.

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