Moving on Up: 991 GT3 to a Corvette Z06

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Personal choice is personal choice, and I’d never argue with a person for sticking to their guns. Especially not about a car. Heck, at one point in my life, I myself went against mainstream consciousness and bought a W8 Passat, even though every single person on the planet told me that it was a stupid idea. However, it turned out to be a brilliant move that paid off in the long run. Hopefully, one of our forum members will also benefit from a similarly bold decision.

This week, 930man, one of our forum members, traded in his new Porsche 991 GT3 for the new Corvette Z06 — something many folks (who aren’t members of Corvette Forum) might not do, considering some of the recent bad press swirling around Chevy’s latest beast.


However, as a certifiable speed freak, 930man was looking to trade in the Porsche before he saw the new Z06. I’ll let him tell you in his own words

“The back story is this, I had the original 991GT3 they had major engine issues my car was taken back by Porsche and said it be gone minimum 4 months, i would then have a car with non original motor 30k in diminished value and almost 1 model year old… I put 4000 fun miles on her, I was given full expense back taxes tags, clear, bra & exhaust. I was to take delivery on another one same day i saw this car, bottom line i have had 9 GT3’s 2 GT3 RS several turbos 430, 360 two GT3 cup cars, Widebody Unvined lwt M3 & Ford Gt. The new Corvette is huge value for the dollar its fun around town in track mode conference calls in comfort mode. I can buy an M3 =A5 for the difference in money.

I will track it as well i have been a national instructor for Porsche Bmw Mazda Ferrari for many years. i thought id give american engineering a chance see how they did.. Hans is making another GT3 right now so its not limited and i have a GT4 on hold

So truth is i should of said i turned down the opportunity to buy another GT3 for this car.”


Now as much of a problem as the new GT3 was, the new Z06 has many issues as well, including a well documented overheating issue.

While the GT3 was a problem, said problem was, according to Porsche, fixed. So you should be able to drive the hell out of the car. The Z06’s issues haven’t been resolved just yet, and he 930man may, heaven forbid, face another recall situation.

That said, the new Z06 is an absolute animal and as soon as GM has worked out the kinks, the car will be nearly impossible to overlook.

So to 930man we wish you the best of luck in your new ride, it’s definitely going to be a heckuva lot better than a W8 Passat.

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