Actor Avoids Near Catastrophe in Corvette

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Craig Corvette

Stumbling across this story, three things immediately came to mind:

1. Why wasn’t General Hospital star Bryan Craig wearing his seat belt?

2. Why didn’t the car’s airbags deploy?

3. We’re glad nobody was seriously hurt during the incident.

Oh, and four, which is really more of a personal thing — exactly what constitutes a “super expensive Corvette,” as Craig’s C6 is referred to in the TMZ story below?

The accident happened in Hollywood when a lady driving a Jeep ran a red light and t-boned Craig’s C6, causing the car to hit a fire hydrant. But apparently, the fire hydrant saved him from hitting a house.

“It was kind of a miracle I didn’t get hurt,” said Craig.

The actor then had to help the Jeep driver out of her car, as she apparently passed out during the accident.

Now, as far as that “super expensive Corvette” thing? We’re still trying to sort out what exactly puts Craig’s blacked-out C6 in that category.

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Via [TMZ]

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