‘Aged’ Look on Newer Corvettes: Does It Work?

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A trend is starting. The fact that you don’t like it won’t keep it from happening. “Aged” cars are apparently now gaining popularity. Why? I have no idea. That said, this modified C5 found on eBay has elicited some polarized responses from our members regarding the way it looks.┬áIf the rusted look on a Corvette seems to sit oddly with you, you’re not alone.

This Corvette has particularly high mileage though, which may be why the owner went with a wrap instead of a re-paint. It started life in the color of black, which you can see below, and has received some pretty extensive modifications. It’s had the engine pulled, machined, blueprinted, and re-assembled with an all new rotating assembly. Dyno results show 410 hp to the rear wheels, so at least if you take off the wrap, you’ll have a pretty stout Corvette.

It’ll stay with its current owner, though. Bidding ended at $12,501, which was well short of the $15,000 reserve, and a $17,000 “buy it now price. Perhaps having 180,000 miles had something to do with it. Or, maybe that wrap just doesn’t do it for most people.

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