ALERT: Fellow Corvette Owner’s Z06 Wheels Stolen

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Here’s a scary thought and one that’ll likely spark a lot more discussion about Chevrolet needing to offer wheel locks for the C7.

First brought to our attention in a GMAuthority report, the wheels were stolen from a new Z06 owner in Arlington, VA in front of his girlfriend’s house. To make matters worse, the thieves left the car sitting on its rear brakes instead of bricking the front and rear of the car. Savages.


It hurts me to even look at the photos, so I can imagine the pain the owner must have felt when he first saw this.

Now, the owner of the C7, who goes by the name “Schlok” on the forum,, is urging all fellow ‘Vette owners to be on the lookout for anyone trying to sell the wheels. Personally, I think this would also be a good time to start raising some noise here on Corvette Forum to encourage Chevy to start offering locks that would make it tougher to steal the wheels.

Pay your respects to the wheels on the forum. >>

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