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Nothing about the ZR1 or the mid-engine C8, but there’s still much to report from the 2018 NCM Bash.

Corvette’s annual NCM Bash swung by the Bowling Green, Kentucky plant yet again. There was some big news for 2018, but also some very notable omissions. It seems like before anyone could ask about all the recent ZR1 sightings, any questions were rather quickly shot down. Mid-engine rumors weren’t even touched. That set the tone, but they gave us plenty more to think about with the announcement of a multi-month plant closure for re-tooling.

For the announcements that can be confirmed, 2018 orders are currently able to be placed, and some will be produced before the re-tooling efforts. There’s also some new features worth noting.

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Larger rims from the Z51 will now be standard on the Corvette, measuring 19 and 20 inches front and rear, respectively. Five new rim designs are available for the Stingray, as well. Interior trim areas are now the same between 1LT, Grand Sport, and Z06 models, in order to simplify things for the splashes of interior color. And top-tier interior packages will now feature the option of colored stitching.

The full Bash seminar can be seen in the video above, where they break down even more information, including sales of different models, sales of auto vs manual, and even more details about the 2018 models (such as the ill-received Carbon 65). Corvette’s racing program is also covered, and after 100 wins, appropriately celebrated.

Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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