ALMS Driver Scott Sharp Takes a Hot Lap Around Mid-Ohio

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I’ve been looking forward to Saturday’s race at Mid-Ohio since SRT revealed the Viper was going racing again. Sure, the rest of the season will basically be a series of live-fire exercises, but the Viper was a hell of a competitor during its time in American Le Mans?just ask the guys at Corvette Racing?and the GTS-R’s initial outing should give race fans an idea of what to expect next season. To get an idea what the drivers will have to contend with, check out this lap by IRL vet and all-around ace Scott Sharp. As he rounds the circuit, he gives viewers the breakdown on everything from gear changes to tricky sections, and it illustrates just how much work it is to be quick.

When you tune into the race on Saturday, make sure to keep you laptop close  by, and ALMS will be streaming in-car footage live on its website starting at 12:36 EDT. Bookmark this page and make sure to tune in!     

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