AMP First to Get C7 Corvette Z06 8-Second 1/4 Mile

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The first ever C7 Z06 to get into the 8s comes via AMP. Advanced Modern Performance used a stock short block and transmission for their pass, which is extremely impressive on behalf of the A8 transmission. The rest of the car has been modified though, as you would expect. Gone is the factory supercharger, replaced with a Procharger. But while the build is quite impressive, for this article, we want to highlight something else.

Modifications can only say so much about performance, but what really reveals all truth is the time slip. The 60-foot time is 1.436, but the 330 time of 3.878 shows just how well this Corvette puts down power. Overall, it completed the 1/4 mile at 8.983, with a speed of 151.78 miles per hour. And those numbers put AMP on the map as the world’s fastest.

So as it sits, AMP has the fastest C7 Z06, and LMR has the most powerful A8 C7 Z06. But LMR hasn’t taken their Z06 to the track yet, so this battle for speed is just beginning. It used to be that the C6 was was the drag car of choice for getting into the 8s. Looks like the new track monster is here.

@advancedmodernperformance out raising the bar in their Procharged A8 C7 Z06! @_sergey_korolyov //📽: @_sergey_korolyov #racingfx #amp #c7 #corvette #z06 #procharger #boosted #c7z #weldwheels #streetcar

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