Another Corvette Crash in a Residential Area

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Even if you talk about it all day, every day, there are still some folks who just don’t get it.

Sure, the thrill of driving a Corvette is unlike anything in the world, but when you abuse the power it could end up costing you dearly, or, more importantly, injuring some innocent bystander.

While we don’t have all the details, fortunately, it appears no one was killed in this Corvette crash, according to the Corvette Forum thread started here by member Kaidog. What is abundantly clear, though, is that the C7 was going way too fast in a residential area, which is just about the dumbest move ever.

Here’s a bit of advice folks: If you really feel the need to drive your Corvette as fast as you can, go ahead and pay for some time at a racetrack. If for some reason that isn’t doable, at least find some deserted road far from civilization, so you don’t wind up injuring an innocent bystander. Agreed?

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