Another Mustang Crash Reminds Corvette Owners Not to Be “That Guy”

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It seems like every other weekend we hear of some Mustang driver crashing at a car show.

It’s becoming something people have come to expect at the weekend events, which may be why so many of the incidents wind up being captured on cell phone videos.

One of the latest involved is a Mustang Shelby GT350 that spun out of control at a Houston-area Coffee and Cars event. The first YouTube clip below captures the Mustang narrowly missing a group of people and kids who were on hand for the car show, as highlighted in a Dallas Morning News report. Even crazier, the driver hops out of the Mustang smiling, apparently trying to downplay the entire thing.

Interestingly, buried deeper in the DMN story is the second video clip below, which captures a Corvette spinning out of control at a different Cars and Coffee event, held last year. (There’s some understandably NSFW language in both videos.)

Of course, reports of Corvettes crashing at car shows don’t come anywhere close to the numbers associated with Mustangs. But it should still serve as food for thought for anyone reading this who thinks Corvette drivers will be spared the embarrassment of their idiocy winding up on YouTube.

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Via [Dallas Morning News]

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