Antifreeze Green, Huh?

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Anti Freeze Green Corvette  text

If you’ve ever read anything I’ve written about these kinds of Corvette custom jobs, then you pretty much know where this piece is going.

Hey, I’m trying my best to be open considering how much heat I took on a previous write-up about extreme wide-body kits fitted on the C7. I think I would probably be able to look at this one posted by forum member YouKnowWho711 of a friend’s Stingray a bit more objectively if it weren’t for that color called antifreeze green.

Honestly, I can’t even focus on the kit too long before being blinded by the hue – although it appears to be pretty damn good work from what I can tell.

Then again, I think the Corvette Forum member probably summed it up best when he wrote in his post, “I know it’s not for everyone,” because truthfully, this is one Corvette I wouldn’t be caught dead driving.

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