Are C5 Corvette FRC Prices on the Rise?

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Markets can swiftly change, but usually when car prices start to creep up, there’s some warning signs. This might be one of those signs. This 1999 FRC is was for sale at a dealership in Missouri. What makes it special is the mileage. Over the course of 17 years on the road, it’s only managed to rack up just 7088 miles. That’s also between just two owners. It is sad to see a Corvette so unused, especially one as fun to drive as the FRC. However, it presents an opportunity to essentially go back in time in a well-preserved example.

There seems to be only one problem. It’s the premium you pay for such low mileage. It was originally listed for $25,900, which is still a lot of car for the money. However, compared to other FRC’s we have seen for sale, $26K is a pretty commanding price for something that is bone stock. Low mileage cars always attract a premium, along with cars that have lower production volumes. Does that justify this FRC’s price? What should it be priced at?

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