Are Corvette License Plate Locks Really Necessary?

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Wheel locks for a Corvette, I get. But license plates locks?

Well, it could be me, but that seems a bit extreme. Although, I’m sure Corvette Forum member James Bertuca would disagree, given the recent thread he started.

“Has anyone used License plate security locks or anti theft screws on their plates, if so from whom or vendor would be nice to hear from you,” wrote Bertuca.

Member Rooster OG replied that while there are certainly some options available, the locks probably aren’t worth the effort.

“When I got them I reevaluated the anti-theft to pain-in-my-*** ratio and decided not to install them,” said Rooster OG. “I ended up giving them to my neighbor. You may feel differently about them or have a more pressing need to deter plate theft than I do.”

Added TEXHAWKO, “Actually, you can buy torx bits almost anywhere that have the ‘security’ pin in the center that I would bet has a size that will fit these screws. But really, who cares if someone steals your license plates? It is not like they cannot be replaced, and they might tear up something else in the process if they really want them.”

However, member KP raises an interesting issue for purchasing the plate locks, considering that anything is possible.

“Funny thing is two of my neighbors just got their plates stolen this weekend. Both black SUVs. What can you do with stolen license plates, unless bolt them to a similar car and collect a couple hundred red light camera and parking tickets just to be a d*ck?”

So there’s that to consider too.

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