Are ‘Vette owners more extreme about their cars than most?

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The idea that  some things drive people nuts when it comes to their car really isn’t big news.

Just about every person who owns an automobile has some pet peeve about their vehicle that could be considered a little odd. I mean c’mon,  if you think about it,  even referring to your car as “my baby” isn’t that normal considering it doesn’t need to be rocked to sleep (it doesn’t vomit on your shoulder either, fortunately).

Hey, as car enthusiasts ourselves we get it, but you have to admit, sometimes we can all be a little extreme about our vehicles.

Still, when scouring the Corvette Forum we stumbled on an OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) thread that suggests that when it comes to being obsessive about a car, Corvette owners might be a little more over the top than most – or maybe not.

We’ll let you be the judge:

“My girlfriend put her feet on my dash one day while cruising down the 101. She had flipped her flip flops off, but she almost got dumped.” – BWF07

“I don’t like having my cup holder open when nothing is inside it.” – brooklync5

“After a good just drive, cleaning the front nose off.” – 01VETTECOP

“Passengers not slamming the door, or flinging it open for that matter.”

“I wasn’t OCD until I bought my Corvette!!!! You’d be hard pressed to find anything crooked or dirty anywhere near my car – God help me, I yelled at a tie guy for coming within 10 feet of my car with dirty gloves on. SAVE ME!!!!!” – dlparsons

“Pouring my engine oil in SLOWLY when refilling after an oil change.” – Seadawg

“My wife’s car (family carrier) is parked next to my vette in the garage…my 4 yr old son will wait for me to open his door (next to the vette) because he knows that’s the rule when my vette is there…lol” –

“One – Never ever fart in the seat. If you can’t wait till the next red (light) to step out, then lift at least 6 inches. Two – I always count exactly 6 clicks when putting on the gas cap.”   – carsangelop

“I’m guilty of wiping my Nav Screen, Air Conditioner screen, buttons, dash: the interior of my Vette often. One day, the wife and I was driving home in the Vette when I decided to whip out my trusty microfiber towel and wipe my Nav screen, etc. I was just about done when to  my surprise, Wifey took the opportunity to smear my screen with her fingers and smiled at me!! I was  but remained (calm) and laughed  it off. She’s the only one that can get away with such a stunt.”  – LSD2005

See, like we said – it’s kind of easy to see how some might consider Vette owners a little extreme when it comes to their cars, don’t you think?

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